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Minibus Hire with Driver Gloucester

Gloucester  Minibus Hire with Driver Looking at options for your group travel requirements in and around Gloucester?

Our Gloucester minibus hire service is the most popular one in the region, widely accepted by all and sundry, for all their group travel requirements. Tour groups avail our minibus hire in Gloucester for their sightseeing trips, students are our regular patrons for day trips and excursions, many corporate firms are our regular clients, relying on our fleet for corporate transfers, executives and delegates airport transfers, and other purposes, groups of friends and families seek our minibus hire with drivers for visits to the racecourse, concerts, and other events. All in all, our fleet is always in high demand, and customers who avail our service, always leave favourable testimonials, and recommend our services, to their friends and relatives.

So what makes our service so special, and a cut above our competitors?

We offer high-end coaches, such as Ford Transit minibus, Mercedes 16 seater minibus, Volvos of varying sizes, and Iveco coaches. These vehicles offer unmatched comfort and safety. But over and above such superior coaches, what makes our offering a cut above the rest is our service.

All our minibus and coach hire comes with a driver. Our drivers are competent hands, skilled not just in driving, but also every other critical aspect that can make a difference. They are resourceful individuals, more than able to keep a cool and level head in crunch situations and think calmly under pressure. They are trained in customer care, and know how to make the right balance between accommodating customer demands and giving priority to safety. They are locals who know the best routes to reach any destination. The drivers are also competent to handle their vehicles skillfully. We impart them training on awareness of traffic laws, first aid, the features available in the coaches they handle, and more.

Our minibus hire with driver in Gloucester is known for its 100 percent reliability. Clients who avail our services, are never let dow or left waiting. Our drivers have a big part to play in such a record, as they navigate our vehicles, through thick and thin, under heavy traffic, adverse climate condition, through crowds, and all other situations, skillfully, on time.

Our drivers coordinate effectively with our customer support team, and they work as a well oiled team, to delight the customer. The customer support team undertakes all background work, including arranging pickups, plotting the best routes, keeping track of flight timings, check out timings, and everything else. The drivers navigate the coaches accordingly, thereby offering seamless services for our passengers.

One of our key USP is very low rates. Our rates are much lower than what competitors charge for similar service. A big reason we are able to offer low rates is the high productivity of our drivers, and other staff, and our well-oiled lean systems, which eliminate waste. Furthermore, we are very easy to do business with, as all our systems are geared towards making things easy and seamless, for customers.

Gloucester is a historic city, with several attractions, such as the Gloucester Cathedral, the City Museum and Art gallery, Robinswood county park, and others, attracting visitors from far and wide. The city has an active nightlife, with plenty of festivals and concerts on offer at regular intervals. The city especially gets busy during its high profile festivals, such as the Gloucester International Rhythm and Blues Festival, scheduled between 26 July and 7 April, 2016, and the Gloucester International Cajun and Zydeco Festival, due next January. Our minibus hire with driver is the best way to visit all these places and events, with perfect comfort, and peace of mind.