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49-53 Seater Coach-Hire Gloucester

49 Seater and 53 Seater coach hire Gloucester  Gloucester is a city that was heavily governed by religion given the many cathedrals erected in the area. It also happens to be a city by the river, constructed just close to River Severn which was a lifeline for the town’s service sector. Gloucester was discovered by the Romans who came to settle in the south western part of England and later was chartered to King Henry II in the mid-11th century.

There is more to this town than what meets the eye and we want you to explore each alley and ruins while in town. Gloucester Minibus hire is ready to provide affordable transport means with an 8 seater Ford transit, a Mercedes 16 seater or 49 seater coach and 53 seater coach hire Gloucester   Volvos. No matter how large or small the travelling group is, we got you covered with our city tour packages.

Things to Do in Gloucester  

With its heavy religious background, a lot of the attractions in the city were built by the early churches or the Romans. If you consider our minibus hire in Gloucester city tour, we will give you a first-row seat to the best tourist attractions in Gloucestershire.

The Gloucester Cathedral  

Gloucester Cathedral is a magnificent edifice with a fine touch of Gothic architectural design. It definitely has to be one of the most beautiful attractions in Gloucester and is also famed to be the burial place for two prominent persons; Walter de Lacy and King Edward II. The gates and walls are magnificent and the corridors glow with pristine murals and artefacts. This is the very cathedral where three of the famous Harry Porter sequels were produced as well.

Great Witcombe Roman Villa  

This villa was constructed in the AD period when the Romans had taken over Gloucester. It was constructed on a hill on what modern day architects call an uneven terrain. Given the size of the villa and the site chosen for its construction, it is no wonder the building never stood the test of times. Though it stands as ruins today, there is a lot of history concealed here and if you are lucky you could discover a 15th-century coin on the rocks.

Events in Gloucester
CCA Barn Dance, Churchdown Community Centre, Gloucester (15th Feb 2016)
The Selecter, The Convent, Gloucester (18th Feb 2016)
Gloucester Pride Stide, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester (24th Apr 2016)

Why Choose Us 

We have our 49 seater coach and 53 seater coach hire Gloucester fully functional with an online team ready to pick your requests. Whether it’s a city tour, birthday coach hire, corporate coach hire or airport transfers, we will give you convenient rates to facilitate your transport in Gloucester.